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A New Website and a Video of things to come!

First things first. I recently merged my old website to my new, and in the process lost all information, on who was, and who was not subscribed to get my newsletters. 
I recognize the seriousness of this situation, and wanted to address it right off. So,

If you do not wish to get my emails;
- scroll to the bottom of this page
- click on unsubscribe
- enter your email address
- choose the lists you do not want to be subscribed to
Following these steps will ensure that you are taken off of all future communications.
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and hope the best for anyone moving on.

Now that, that is taken care of, on to brighter things.

As mentioned above, I have a new and improved website,
still the same address;!
You now will be able to shop the store from the comfort of your own home. When making online purchases, you will have the choice of having the product shipped to you, or picking it up at the shop. I am so excited for this feature, as it will help make shopping more accessible to those who may have compromised immune systems, etc...
I am going to keep this email short and sweet, as it's actually late as I write this. But a couple of things to share...

I've got LOTS of exciting classes coming up so please click on the following link to check them out.

Now <<< DRUMROLL >>>
1. I've hired an employee!!! I am soo excited to introduce this wonderful person to you. Many of you know her from quilt guild, retreats, or sewing bees. 
2. We are introducing a new monthly club! We are calling it the Mystery Potluck Club.
To find out more about both of these things, click on the link below to watch  our Youtube video.
I want to add one thing that may not have been clear in the video. Even though there are only 6 seats for the in-shop potluck, there are more than 6 kits available. SO, there is nothing stopping you from having your own potluck with friends. And please share pics! 

Finally, a reminder that Frank Tucker, our sewing machine repair technician, comes to the shop each Wednesday for sewing machine pick-up and drop-off. If you want to show your machine some "tune-up" love, or it needs repairing, drop it off at the shop by end of day Tuesday, and barring anything extreme is wrong with it, you can pick it back up the following Thursday. His prices are as follows:

His prices are as follows:

Mechanical Machines - $90

Computerized Machines - $100

Sergers - $115

Small Embroidery Machines - $140

Large Embroidery Machines - $160

He accepts cash or check, so please be prepared for that upon pick-up.

Hopefully, you love the exciting things we have coming up, and we can't wait to see you in the shop!

Much love,

Melissa Matthews Porter
957 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. Ste. C
Suwanee, GA 30024